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How Red Ball Express Works

The question we always get asked is how can you sell 5,000+ tickets

and only roll 100+ balls down the mountain?   It is because you need

to have a combination of two balls to win.    For example, if you adopt ball

numbers 10 and 84, you would win if 10 came in 1st and 84 came in 2nd OR

if 84 came in first and 10 came in 2nd. 

There is a formula that equates the number of tickets sold and the

number of balls that we send down the mountain.  


It is:    # Tickets = # Balls x ((# Balls-1)/2)

-  or  -

4,950 = 100 x (100-1)/2


One of the easiest ways to see this is by a square matrix,

lets say with 5 balls or 10 tickets sold. 




There are only 10 tickets (T) in this matrix because you can’t

have the same balls twice (1&1, 2&2) and 3 and 1 is the

same combination as 1 and 3.   


So the formula here is:  10 = 5 x (5-1)/2



Buy Tickets


You can buy your $5 ticket from any of the partner non-profits organizations
listed in the Non-Profit Section on this site.

You can also purchase Tickets in multiples of $20 online at this website and
designate the funds to a non-profit, a person in the non-profit, or to Telluride Rotary
Tickets will also be sold by Rotary at the “Beach” in front of Lift 4 or at
Gorrono’s on the weekend of the event.  
But buy early to ensure that you can participate in the $100,000 special prize.   


You can pay for your tickets by cash or check.   If you are buying by check from

a non-profit partner, make the check out to that organization.    If you are buying from

a Rotary member, the check should be made out to the Telluride Rotary Foundation.